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Do you know what equipment is best suited to detect fires in your building? We do!
Not all building environments are created equal when it comes to designing and implementing fire detection systems. Commercial buildings present a variety of fire detection challenges and the system provider you select must understand how to address those challenges in one cost-effective solution. Enter Keystone Fire Protection Co.  SV Fire Systems has experience across a range of industries from healthcare settings, like hospitals and nursing homes, to universities, warehouses, and manufacturing environments. We use trusted brands to protect our clients and their property.
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Commercial Fire Protection

Commercial and industrial environments typically have more challenging and unique fire detection needs than the garden-variety occupancy.

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Notifier® Alarm Systems

Notifier® alarm systems by Honeywell offer advanced smoke detection capabilities and other intelligent features, like digital voice evacuation.

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Air Sampling

Air sampling systems detect the invisible by-products of materials as they degrade during the pre-combustion stages of an incipient fire.

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Wireless Detection Systems

Interconnect multiple buildings and sites wirelessly while reducing installation costs and minimizing disruption. Retrofit historic structures without unsightly wire mold and conduits.

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Gas & CO2 Detectors

Gas leaks, especially of colorless and odorless gasses, pose serious threats. The proper detectors can give you time to evacuate before gas poisoning or combustion occurs.

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