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SV Fire Systems makes your choice of fire sprinkler systems simple because life safety needs to be made simple to be effective.
Whether you need fire sprinkler systems in a school, retail store, factory, hospital, warehouse, restaurant, or home, Keystone can choose, design, install, and monitor the best possible system for your environment. Being a leading fire sprinkler system provider among all fire sprinkler companies, we will design and install your commercial fire sprinkler system using the best products from the sprinkler industry’s leading manufacturers.
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Wet Sprinkler Fire Systems

Wet pipe systems are by far the most common and most cost-effective of the four sprinkler technologies. Constantly charged with water, wet sprinklers are designed to discharge at a specified temperature, limiting and controlling the spread of fire.
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Dry Sprinkler Fire Systems

Dry pipe sprinkler systems provide protection in unconditioned spaces where temperatures could be expected to fall below 40° F. Dry commercial fire sprinkler systems require more maintenance than wet systems and typically cost more to install.
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Foam Sprinkler Fire Systems

Industrial fire sprinkler systems are typically designed using foam with open-headed deluge sprinklers or high-expansion foam generators. Foam systems are very effective for controlling and extinguishing flammable liquid fires.
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Pre-Action Sprinkler Fire Systems

Pre-action fire sprinkler systems are a special class of dry pipe sprinkler system, which combines the attributes of a dry system with the speed of an early warning detection system. Typical applications include locations where accidental activation could damage high-value physical assets as in museums, libraries or data centers.
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