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Fire Suppression System
Do you know what systems you need in your high-risk, high-value locations?
When property and lives are at stake, make sure you get the best advice about fire suppression systems. Keystone Fire Protection starts by helping you ask the right questions. Then, we do more than answer them. We provide life safety services that range from inspecting your current system to designing and installing a new one from the ground up. We can plan and install faster because we have a depth of experience and an even deeper bench of trained professionals. Keystone is the area’s premier fire suppression contractor.
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Clean Agent Fire Suppression

Protect high value assets like data centers or priceless artifacts in a museum with waterless, environmentally friendly clean agents.

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Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Systems

Reduce downtime and increase protection with a rapidly expanding carbon dioxide gas suppression system that lowers oxygen levels to prevent combustion.

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Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

Wet chemical agents overcome flames quickly and clean up easily. A wet chemical suppression system reduces downtime better than a dry chemical system.

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Industrial Fire Protection

Keystone designs and installs suppression systems for a variety of industrial hazards to maximize safety and limit damage to equipment and processes.

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Small Space Protection Systems

Sometimes the smallest spaces are the most difficult to protect. See how you can reduce even the most critical small space fire risk.

CAUTION: The wrong fire suppression system can cause more damage than the fire itself.