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Classroom training & Live Fire Training
Get Smart and Get Safe with our Training Programs — Available to Customers and Industry Organizations
SV Fire Systems recognizes the importance of education. As a regional authority on fire protection and life safety, we offer a variety of courses and seminars. We provide both classroom and live-fire training on the proper use of fire extinguishers. And for industry and trade organizations we conduct seminars and product training on the latest in life safety equipment and systems.
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Oil and Gas industry
SV Fire Systems Expert provide expert advice and training for Oil and Gas Industry:
With the flammable chemicals, gases, and materials used in the oil and gas industry, for fire protection in the workplace. Controlling fire hazards is a key part of ensuring worker safety on extraction, refining, and other sites.
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Construction Industry
Practical skills training for critical situations and fire safety in the Construction Industry
Guidance for clients, designers and those managing and  carrying out construction work involving significant fire risks
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HSE Management Training
We at SV Fire systems help you to identify your significant aspect and impact and suggest you the appropriate control measures to meet the national and international standards for the same.
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Our evacuation training course is designed to train employees in basic fire safety and how to respond to different emergency situations.
The course provides a overview of workplace emergency procedures, building fire safety systems and common fire fighting equipment.